The VirtualCon is run by an Indie (Independent) group of individuals who are fans of Patrick McGoohans 1960’s television series The Prisoner.

During Spring 2020 we were all due to arrive in The Village for a holiday with friends and attend a Prisoner convention. Instead our plans to were scuppered and the whole of the UK went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and suddenly were all trapped in our own personal villages. The idea of VirtualCon was conceived.

We wanted to bring some cheer to all our friends who we were going to meet up with and those who all share a common interest in The Prisoner series, so we decided to make a Virtual Village event. VirtualCon was put together in a matter of weeks and as word got out the interest grew and we realised that it could be an event reaching far more people than just our friends and that it could be accessed by ALL Prisoner fans.

None of The VirtualCon crew had previous experience of putting an online Virtual event together. Not being put off by the face of adversity we charged ahead with our idea and started to ask for people to join in with us.

Being truly overwhelmed by the response to the request for people to send us material we were able to offer a whole weekend of Virtual events being accessed online. We thank each and every one of you for helping us put on VirtualCon, making it a hugely successful event. We had an international audience of 23 countries across the globe including Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Israel, Brazil, Argentina and more.

As a result of the huge success of VirtualCon and the incredible support and online traffic reaching into tens of thousands, the supportive messages, and requests for more, it was decided that this would not be a one off event. VirtualCon is here to stay!

VirtualCon 2.0 takes place 25th Sept - 27th Sept 2020.

Please feel free to join us again. Tell you friends, let’s make this an even bigger Virtual experience! Please get in touch to contribute material for the event and take part. We already have some exciting and exclusive material to share with you. We are excited!

VirtualCon and The Virtual Village is Free For All. We are an independent group that is not part of any other Prisoner related group/society/fan club etc. We believe all Prisoner related news/events/media should be shared amongst all.


The Virtual Crew are Helen Percicoe Ant Brierley Alan B Kent Richard Cartwright Kevin Cartwright

BCNU (virtually, of course).

We respect your privacy. This site is GDPR compliant. Requests to third party servers are anonymised so that no user-identifying information is shared. Unlike the real Village we do not track visitors.