The Dark Cave

Deep below The Village...

In our former jobs it was vital to keep secrets, and as you know one way of doing this was esczfrs ncjaezrclasj.

Encryption of messages has been used for secret communications for over 3000 years, and it is still in use today, albeit in a much more complex form.

To make a successful cipher you need:
an algorithm and a key to encrypt the information
an algorithm and an identical key to decrypt the information.
The key is known only to the message originator and the recipient, and must be kept secret.
An algorithm is a set of steps to be followed - the instructions for using the code, similar to the method in a recipe.

There are many different ciphers, some very simple and some extremely complex.

Explore the alcoves of the Crypto-Complex to play with:

A Simple Cipher - The Caesar Cipher (a Substitution Cipher).

The Pigpen Cipher

Morse Code

The Enigma Machine